First Impressions: Akin Moto Wrench jacket

akin moto wrench jacket review

A motorcycle jacket is a staple when it comes to any rider’s kit, and finding one that fits the balance of style and protection is never an easy task.

In recent years, riding gear has become more subtle than ever with a list of new and emerging brands entering the scene all with their own unique style, and one that has always piqued my interest is Akin Moto. 

The brand is based on the Gold Coast in Australia, and they offer riding apparel that is small in branding and big on style and protection, making for motorcycle gear that could get away as casual clothes. 

Being in the market for a new riding jacket over the last couple of months, I was on the verge of pulling the trigger on Akin’s Alpha jacket, which has been their flagship product since their inception, however they hinted at a new jacket dropping in the near future, so I decided to hold off the for the time being. 

That all-new product happened to be the Akin Wrench jacket, which is a classic mechanic’s style jacket that has a tailored fit for riding motorbikes. 

akin moto wrench jacket review

It’s a jacket true to Akin’s brand - it’s incredibly stylish, has minimalistic branding and features, and on the exterior, there’s nothing that screams that this a motorcycle jacket. 

It’s exactly the look I wanted from a riding jacket, so it made sense to buy it as soon as it dropped earlier this month.

Now while the jacket doesn’t scream moto on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that will keep your protected in the event of a crash. 

The jacket utilises a cotton and poly twill outer construction that makes the jacket feel robust yet still has adequate maneuverability, while beneath that it’s been completely line with Kevlar. 

Kevlar is the key aramid fibre used in majority of motorcycle gear, which mainly thanks to its superior abrasion-resistant qualities that will save your skin as best as possible if you happen to hit the deck. 

akin moto wrench jacket review

Now some motorcycle products will only be lined with Kevlar in ‘key impact’ areas, but the Wrench jacket is lined with Kevlar throughout the whole jacket, meaning you’re completely protected. 

You can also take the protection to another level as the jacket is fitted with armoured pockets for the shoulders, arms and back, although you will need to buy these additional to the jacket itself.

If you’ve ever felt Kevlar, then you know it doesn’t feel great on your skin at all, which is why Akin has lined the complete jacket with a comfort mesh liner, and I can vouch for the comfort of the mesh - it feels fantastic. 

Akin has spent considerable time working on the fit and feel of this jacket so that it feels natural on the bike, and it’s by far the best I’ve ever ridden in. 

Riding a bike in an upright position, the Wrench jacket doesn’t feel restrictive in the slightest, and even just wearing around when I’m off the bike, it honestly just feels like I’m wearing a regular jacket. 

akin moto wrench jacket review

The Wrench isn’t a winter jacket and is designed for riding in ideal conditions - there’s no water or wind proofing, but I think you can get away with wearing a sweater beneath it during those colder mornings if it’s not wet.

When it comes to sizing, I’ve always been between a medium and large, and I can say that this jacket is true to the sizing chart available on the Akin website. 

The chart indicated I was a large by only just, and it fits perfectly with room to throw another layer on if I need to, so I would definitely follow their sizing instructions to get your size right the first time around.

As I mentioned earlier, the Wrench jacket is as minimal as it comes in it’s appearance, but there are a couple of neat features. 

The collar uses has snap buttons so it doesn’t flap away in the wind, which is really convenient, plus there two buttons on the cuff and waist so you can get the perfect fit. 

akin moto wrench jacket review

The Wrench jacket also has two external zip pockets, and a super handy waterproof pocket on the inside for storing important valuables such as your phone. 

The jacket is priced at just under $220 Australian dollars, and that’s such an incredible price point. 

This jacket rates as the best riding apparel product I’ve ever purchased - it looks cool and I can wear it almost anywhere without feeling out of place, plus it fits perfectly and feels great on the bike. 

Most importantly, it has the key protective qualities I want in a motorcycle jacket, and it doesn’t come with the ridiculously high price tag that most casual looking motorbike gear comes with.