2022 Team Launch | Dan Golding Racing


Dan Golding Racing is a speedcar team competing in the Perth Motorplex Track Series and Wild and Wingless Country Series, with owner-driver Dan steering the number 71 car for the 2021-2022 season. 


We were tasked with creating a unique and exciting video to launch the team for the upcoming season, which needed to be 60 seconds. Speedcars are wild and wingless - they’re fast, they’re  loud, and they’re absolutely intense, so the video needed to represent that.


This video was shot across two days - one day inside the team’s workshop, and the other at the race track. For the workshop portion of the shoot, we relied on our extensive lighting kit to make some truly unique shots, while also allowing us to clearly showcase and highlight the squad’s sponsors. We’re no strangers to race tracks, so we were right in our element when we drove two hours north-east of Perth to capture the circuit shots, which really shows how intense these cars really are. Being a fresh car, we only had a limited number of laps to shoot the content we needed, so we needed to be highly efficient. In the end, we got the shots we needed, plus we were able to send the drone up and get some interesting perspectives from the on-board camera. Slicing this video together was a blast, and the achieve that fast and wild style that represents speedcar racing, we used an intense soundtrack and used quick and sharp cuts to increase the hectic feeling.


Dan and the team were stoked with the video on delivery! It’s unique and attention-catching, and is like nothing else to come out of the speedcar paddock. We’re really proud of this one, and can’t wait to work with Dan again in the future, especially when he debuts the new number 17 car. 

We also provided Dan with photography of the number 71 car after it’s fresh rebuild, which you can check out HERE.