BKBO Episode 2 | Royal Enfield

This film for Royal Enfield recently went live across their socials, where I filmed and supplied footage for the Perth episode of their latest video series.


Being a rider/racer for over 20 years and spending almost a decade in the motorcycle media, I was stoked when I was approached to be involved in the Royal Enfield ‘Busted Knuckles Build Off’ competition (even more so since I ride an RE bike myself!). The competition is hosted by Royal Enfield Australia and features a selection of their dealerships across the country. For me, the project was simple - film and supply footage (along with photos) to the team at Machines that Dream/Stories of Bike, who are the agencies taking care of the entire video series.


With the entire pre-production and post-production taken care of, the process involved in this project was very straightforward. Provided with a shot list, I created a run sheet that would ensure we captured all the required shots within the production time period, which involved a selection of staged shots and an interview. For the interview, I utilised an overhead light along with a pair of microphones - a boom mic and lavalier - for the best audio possible, while all other shots were captured on sticks and the gimbal.


The shots were packaged up and sent off to Sydney the morning after production, allowing the agency to immediately stuck into editing. The finished video is an engaging piece that showcases the incredible build by Motomax in Osborne Park, as well as displaying elements of Perth and the dealership itself.

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