Black Swan State Theatre Company


The Black Swan State Theatre Company has been in operation for 30 years now, serving Perth with world-class production and reinterpretations of global theatre classics, all of which are infused with Western Australia’s unique culture.


We were called in by local media agency Accomplice01 to assist in filming with interviews and highlights as the Black Swan State Theatre Company celebrated its 30th birthday. The event, which was hosted at the University of Western Australia, took place following The Tempest performance and saw a number of special guests and performers in attendance. Our job was to focus on interviews with Janet Holmes a Court and Duncan Ord, along with a selection of vox pops about the evening’s show. We were not involved in the editing or delivery process, which was taken care of by the Accomplice01 team.


The post-show celebration was hosted at an amphitheatre on the UWA campus, meaning light was minimal and the ambient noise was loud. We needed to ensure we had a clean and properly lit image for our interviews, along with the best audio possible. We utilised our portable lighting kit for a clean and flattering look. For the interview with Janet and Duncan, we used a pair of lapel of mics, while for the vox pops, we boomed a mic to ensure they were quick and easy for guests. We were able to achieve great audio considering the loud ambient noise. 


We were able to immediately deliver Accomplice01 with our video files on site, which were then packaged into a VNR and highlights reel before being submitted to the Black Swan State Theatre Company marketing team. The VNR was broadcast on Seven News Perth less than 18 hours after we wrapped up filming.