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Cooper and Jones Plumbing is one of Western Australia’s leading commercial plumbing companies. They’ve been in operation for over 40 years, and they’re still family-owned and operated to this day.


We’ve been super lucky to create a bunch of different content for Cooper & Jones Plumbing this year as they continue to overhaul their website. As they’ve progressed with the website design, they’ve realised they’ve required particular types of photo and video content to make the strongest impression on potential clients. We were tasked with travelling around Perth to capture images of some of their recently completed projects, which included locations such as the West Coast Eagles training facility, Aldi, and Curtin University.


We were able to efficiently travel to each of these locations and shoot images both on the ground and in the sky, using the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone. Since the majority of their projects were considerably large buildings, the drone was crucial in creating perspective on the scale of their projects.


Cooper and Jones now has a large selection of images from different perspectives to use across their website, providing them with clean and professional imagery that accurately portrays the company. The different selection of images also makes life easier on their web developers, who have variety to choose from as they build out the website.

Perth photography

perth photography

perth photography

perth photography

curtin university

st marks school

st marks school