Lexus of Perth


Lexus of Perth is the sole dealership for the luxury carmaker in Western Australia, where they have a stunning showroom situated in Osborne Park. Lexus of Perth prides itself on delivering a premium service and strive for an unmatched level of customer care. 


This video was created as a sample to showcase a customer testimonial in a video format. Customer testimonials are instrumental in influencing the decision of buyers, however video testimonials are far more powerful and engaging, offering a greater level of trust and authenticity. We wanted to take it to another level by creating a testimonial video format that would be unforgettable amongst potential customers.


When it comes to customer testimonials, it’s key to make it as easy as possible on the customer. It was incredibly important to keep the shooting process simple, and most importantly, do it efficiently. We utilised our extensive lighting kit to make the interview scene clean and bright, along with using an A and B camera to allow make the talking head component to be even more engaging. We conducted the interview with a list of easy-to-answer questions, before hopping in the car to capture rolling and detail shots. All in all, this video testimonial took us a little over two hours to complete the filming, and we were able to turn around the final edit within 24 hours.


The completed video is a powerful customer testimonial that is engaging, informative, and entertaining. It has the versatility to be used across a variety of social media platforms along with paid marketing campaigns. We’re really proud of the finished product on this one.