Mercedes-AMG F1 Road Bike | n+

This instructional video of the amazing Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 bike recently went live on the n+ bikes YouTube channel, here’s how the shoot unfolded:


n+ required an informative and appealing instructional video for new owners of their premium Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team Road Bike. The professional-grade bicycles are delivered with an instructional document, although transforming that into video form offers a visual option that is engaging and has greater clarity for customers. 


Instructional videos are a straightforward process, and they can be shot in the space of a few hours. For this project, it was a case of going through each step of the process of assembling the Mercedes-branded road bike. I captured multiple angles and did various takes for each step to ensure there was an adequate amount of footage to pair up with the voiceover. n+ took care of the voiceover script (although this is something I also offer), and it was recorded after wrapping up filming with their own in-house talent to keep things consistent with their previous instructional videos. Capturing the voiceover and footage in the same session made for a super-efficient production.  


n+ was delivered the first draft in a matter of days following production, and it now serves its purpose to educate customers on how to accurately set up their bike. Not only that, but it acts as a great piece of YouTube content that will reach new and potential customers in the weeks, months and years to come - a previous instructional video on their channel is a great example of this, being amongst their most successful videos to date with 12,000 views and counting. If you work within a Perth brand or business that’s interested in benefiting from an instructional video, send me an email to book a free consultation: