Old Young's


Old Young’s is a distillery based in the heart of Western Australia’s incredible Swan Valley region. Founded by James Young, the Perth distillery serves up seven staple vodka and gin products which have earned nationally recognised accolades over the years, while its tasting venue in the Swan Valley is a popular hit amongst visitors in the region.


Hammer Creative was approached by Old Young’s to create a series of product explainer videos, with the main intention to educate staff on the story, inspiration and ingredients in their staple offerings. Founder, James Young, hosts in-person explainers and tastings for current and new staff - this experience needed to be replicated in a video format. 


Old Young’s insisted on having a clean image and exceptional audio - two things we very much pride ourselves on in every project. The set - which was one of Old Young’s tasting bars - had poor lighting (for video, not tastings!), so we used our extensive lighting kit and modifiers to take control of the room and provide a more flattering and even look. We used a dual microphone setup, including a boom mic and lapel, which provided two choices in getting the best audio possible, while we also operated with an A and B cam to make a more engaging edit.


We provided Old Young’s with seven individual product explainers, along with a complete ‘masterclass’ that features a compilation of the videos with an added introduction. These videos will be served to the staff of Old Young’s, along with being distributed to liquor stores such as Dan Murphy’s to educate those selling the product. An added bonus of these product explainers is being able to utilise them for content on social media.