Seth Shackleton | Fox Racing Australia



It was great to work with AME Management to film and supply footage for this Fox Racing Australia project, which recently went live across their socials. Here’s how it unfolded. 


The brief was to create a video content piece on emerging Western Australian talent Seth Shackleton, with a target of introducing him to the ‘motocross world’ as part of a social media campaign. Hammer Creative was approached by AME Management to film and supply footage for this project.


While the majority of the project was already planned and set out by AME, we were able to use our local knowledge to choose a picturesque circuit, and ultimately decided on the Collie Motorcycle Club, which sits alongside the stunning Stockton Lake and made for the perfect location. 

Capturing footage was straightforward -  we’ve done heaps of videos like this before. While having a question list supplied by AME, we called upon our years of experience conducting interviews to extract the most out of 13-year-old Seth - who did unbelievably well considering his age and little experience in front of the camera. 

An A and B cam were utilised along with two microphone options to get the best audio possible, plus a light was used for little extra pop in what were pretty gloomy outdoor conditions. The interview was followed up by a series of hero shots of the Fox Racing riding apparel and safety gear, along with a huge selection of action shots captured in a variety of real-time and slow motion. 


The footage was efficiently delivered to AME’s headquarters in Melbourne, where they took care of the complete post-production process. The finished product is an engaging video that clearly represents and showcases Fox’s riding gear and equipment in use, all while putting a youthful talent on a huge platform gaining national recognition.