Shore Thing Promo | Wilson Brewing

It’s always a treat working with Mighty Branding and Wilson Brewing, and this project was no different! Here’s how it unfolded...


The goal for this project was to create a social media video that showcased Wilson’s all-new addition to the core range, Shore Thing, all while doing it in Wilson fashion - at the beach, beer in one hand and snag in the other. The Wilson’s are pretty cruisy people, and they love the outdoors - so it was super important that was captured in the look and feel of this video.


There were a number of key elements that needed to be included in this video, including the location, action shots in the 4WDs, Shore Thing being consumed, and most importantly, good times. As the talent were already great friends, it made it an absolute breeze to capture candid moments - which really comes across in the video. We wanted to capture a really organic feeling and a sense of being there, so everything was shot handheld with minimal staging.


The finished video encapsulates everything Wilson Brewing advocates and stands for, along with being a subtle promotion for their Shore Thing beverage. It’s fun, it’s relaxed, and super easy to consume - just like a Shore Thing!

We've created a bunch of content for Wilson Brewing, including a company story video and product explainers.