The Formula: Danny Lumia

The debut episode of ‘The Formula’ video series features local Fremantle musician Danny Lumia. Here’s how it unfolded:


The Formula is a video series that showcases the stories and processes of talented individuals in Western Australia. The idea of the series is to piece together short and engaging content for social media use, with a strong focus on the story paired with clean and appealing visuals.


With the target to keep the episodes short, I also wanted the production to be as efficient as possible. This piece was shot in the space of a few hours, and we focused on the interview first. Considering the video is story-based, it was important to get this right. A number of questions were created in the lead up to production to ensure I got interesting answers that remained on topic, along with asking a selection of candid questions along the way. We ended up with a 20-minute interview, which was eventually cut down to the three-minute video you see now. Capturing b-roll for this film presented a number of challenges, where there was just one room to capture the footage, so it was important to use a variety of angles and focal lengths. We also needed to factor in audio, considering Danny was performing live. To make sure we captured the best audio possible, we recorded directly from Danny’s mic and guitar - it worked a treat!


The finished video is an engaging three-minute film that shares the story of Danny Lumia and his process of making music. This style of video can be adopted by Perth brands and businesses to share intriguing stories within their companies - it could be the stories of staff members (great for recruitment and/or showing diversity/inclusion), community involvement or initiatives, ambassadors (and how they use your product/service), plus many more uses! If your business is interested in how it could use a story-based video, send me an email to book a free consultation: