The Nomad | Jack Stillman

This project with Jack Stillman was an absolute blast! We captured a bunch of video and photo content which is already being utilised amongst their website and socials. Here’s how the production unfolded:


I love working with Western Australian brands that are making their mark in their respective industries, and Fremantle-based Jack Stillman is doing exactly that. They’re levelling up their content and required a selection of videos and photos - mainly, a product explainer on their Nomad sling bag supported by a pair of video ads for Facebook and Instagram.


With just three hours, we working to tight schedule on this shoot. We started with the filming to piece to camera for the explainer video inside Jack Stillman’s Fremantle shop. The team prepared the script beforehand, and Jarrod Stillman - founder and director - did an incredible and efficient job in front of camera while using our new teleprompter. From there, it was a case of going to a variety locations within Fremantle to capture the supporting visuals and imagery. The video ads were already storyboarded, so it was a case of staging and capturing those shots, which we also included in the explainer video.


The explainer video is everything I think explainers should be - engaging, entertaining, and most importantly, informative. It’s a video piece they’ve already utilised across multiple social networks, and it’s going to continue to serve them on YouTube in the weeks, months and years to come. The pair of video ads were designed with individual focuses - one to present the product with a cool vibe, and the other to showcase the use and function of the bag in a lifestyle manner.

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