Welcome to Wilson Brewing


Born and bred in Albany, Wilson Brewing is a family-run brewery based out of the southern coastal town headed up by the one and only Matty Wilson. What started as a hobby while doing FIFO has now transformed into a brewing company that is making leaps and bounds in the industry. 


We were approached by marketing agency Mighty Branding to be involved in establishing and sharing the Wilson way and the Wilson story. The four brothers are true adventurers - they love boating, camping, fishing, and four-wheel driving - basically, they love getting amongst it outside. They want their adventurous spirit to inspire their customers to get out there too, so it was incredibly important to portray this in the brand video as they commence an overhaul of their branding and messaging across social media.


We spent three epic days in Albany with the girls and boys from Wilson’s, which meant we captured them doing everything they love. We were faced with many different challenges, from logistics to ever-changing weather conditions. While capturing them doing the fun stuff such as fishing and four-wheel driving was key, the interview component was incredibly important with brothers Matt, Luke and Josh. We used a two-camera setup, multiple lights and two different audio recording options to ensure we had not only the best-looking image possible, but also the best sounding video.


The finished product is an incredibly unique three-minute video that shares the story of who Wilson Brewing is. We made a number of interesting touches in the edit to keep the film engaging, along with including several different music tracks. This was one of our favourite projects of the year and we’re so proud of the end result.