Wilson's Shore Thing Summer Ale

We’ve been fortunate to work on a number of projects with Wilson Brewing Company and Mighty Branding, and this product explainer is part of a series of five that are currently being rolled out.


The Wilson family are pretty cruisy people who don’t take themselves too seriously, and they love the outdoors. The idea for this product explainer was to keep it short, casual and somewhat lighthearted while featuring different locations and staff members. This particular one covers the Shore Thing summer ale, which is the latest addition to their core range.


We’ve made plenty of product explainer videos before, and since we had just completed a previous project for Wilson’s, it was a pretty straightforward process of arriving on location, capturing the piece to camera and b-roll, then delivering the final edit. To further strengthen the casual feel of the video, we decided to film everything handheld, while we utilised a lav mic on the talent to navigate the challenging wind noise we faced. 


The finished video is a short and informative piece that works just as good on a website as it does for social content. We received really good feedback from Wilson’s, which sweetened an already fun project to be involved in.